Pet Shop

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Hope College


Pet Shop can provide music for different settings and they adapt to the audience; the base group is 3 members but can extend to 5-6 depending on the demand (increased instrumentation adds groove)! If you are looking for an interactive, exciting and high energy group that plays a variety of music and loves to jam, look no further. 

About Us

Pet Shop is a group of college students from Hope College. The group formed in late 2018 and have been learning, growing, expanding while having as much fun as possible. They have been operating for over a year playing both inside Hope and in several venues outside of the college. Pet Shop is perfect for small private events as well as larger venues as they weave in and out of genres such as jazz, blues, funk, rock, Latin, and even experimental music. A classic Pet Shop move is combining a standard jazz set towards the beginning of a set to get the audience warmed up, and then bringing in the heat later in the evening with covers and original music that makes people get up and dance! Pet Shop knows how to provide an electric experience as well as an intimate jazz setting which makes them versatile for any musical needs. 


Pet Shop is mainly composed of:

Michael Pineda (Saxophone, Guitar, Vox)

Carlos Flores (Graphic Designer & Drummer)

Dylan Sherman (Bass)


Some of our adjunct members are:

Charlie Jordan (Alto + Tenor Saxophone)

Houston Patton (Alto Saxophone)

Leah Reinardy (Piano)

Daniel Wade (Trumpet)